Round Bar Manufacturer in India

Round Bar Manufacturer
What is Round Bar?

Round Bar is a metal bar with smooth surface gernally made up of material like austenitic and ferritic stainless steel. These Round Bar has high strength, durability, and corrosion resistance properties. It is commonly used in Oil & Gas Industry, Areospace Industry and Automotive Industry.

Round Bar Manufacturer in India, Mumbai

ASTM A479 Round Bar Supplier, SS Round Bar Manufacturer, Inconel Round Bar, Monel Round Bar Supplier, Duplex Round Bar Manufacturer in India

Neelkamal Alloys LLP is the leading Round Bar Manufacturer in India. These Round Bar is manufactured from sturdy steel which is generally rust proof because of the chrome element present in it. You can easily find ASTM A479 Round Bar in the various polish and sizes as per required. These Round Bar are available in different types like Hex Bar, Hollow Round Bar, Square Bar, and Rectangular Bar.

Bright Round Bar are manufactured through cold drawing process or cold turning process of combined drawing lines from wire rods to bright bar, Draw bench for straight bar drawing, Peeling/Turning for turning straight bar, Grinding & polishing to achieve dimensional accuracy, assure mechanical properties through proper heat treatment as per customer requirements. We are also well-known Duplex Steel Plate Manufacturer in India.

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Round Bar Manufacturer - Description

Whenever you decide to purchase ASTM A276 Round Bar from Manufacturer you are going to get lots of benefits from round bar. The primary use of these steel Round Bar is that it got a considerable tolerance power. Wherever you are going to use the metal Round bar, they will have a more appealing appearance due to their smooth and rust-free surface. Neelkamal Alloys LLP is branded name for Round Bar Manufacturer in India at lowest price.

You can find these Round Bar in various materials like Stainless Steel Round Bar, Duplex Steel Round Bar, Super Duplex Steel Round Bar, Monel Round Bar, Inconel Round Bar and many more.

Types of Round Bar

Round Bar are divided into several parts. Round Bar Types are classified into various segments which includes the following.

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Round Bar Weight Chart

Size (mm) Weight (kg/m) Size (mm) Weight (kg/m) Size (mm) Weight (kg/m)
7 x 7 0.337 19 x 19 2.479 38 x 38 9.916
8 x 8 0.44 20 x 20 2.747 40 x 40 10.988
9 x 9 0.556 21 x 21 3.029 42 x 42 12.114
10 x 10 0.687 22 x 22 3.324 45 x 45 13.906
11 x 11 0.831 24 x 24 3.956 48 x 48 15.822
12 x 12 0.989 25 x 25 4.292 50 x 50 17.168
13 x 13 1.161 26 x 26 4.642 53 x 53 19.29
14 x 14 1.346 28 x 28 5.384 55 x 55 20.774
15 x 15 1.545 30 x 30 6.181 60 x 60 24.723
16 x 16 1.758 32 x 32 7.032 65 x 65 29.015
17 x 17 1.985 34 x 34 7.939 70 x 70 33.65
18 x 18 2.225 36 x 36 8.9 75 x 75 38.629
Round Bar Surface Finish
CD Cold drawn P Polished
CG Centreless ground HF Hot finished
BD Bright drawn SRE Slit rolled edge
P&T Peeled and turned RT Rough turned/peeled
CF Cold finished HRAP Hot rolled annealed and pickled
ST Smooth turned PR Peeled and reeled

Round Bar Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in India

- Neelkamal Alloys LLP

Our Round Bar is used in the following projects

As an emerging Round Bar Supplier in India, we have supplied our Round Bar in various projects like Rosebank Oil and Gas Field (UK), Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline Project (Australia), Air Liquide - (France) and Weatherford - (Oil & natural gas company in Abu Dhabi). We are known for our premium quality Round Bar Manufacturer in India. We have supplied our products to numerous locations worldwide.

Rosebank Oil and Gas Field (UK)

Stainless Steel Round Bar to Rosebank Oil and Gas Field (UK)

Duplex Steel Round Bar to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline Project (Australia)

Titanium Round Bar to Weatherford - (Oil & natural gas company in Abu Dhabi)

17-4 PH S17400 Round Bar to Air Liquide - (France)

Round Bar Manufacturer in India and listed Cities

We are a well-known brand for Round Bar all over India. Supplying more than 34 cities in India, thanks to our expert team who help us to complete orders in a given time. You can send an enquiry through email:, and we'll try to quote you the best possible price.

City We Supply Round Bar
Mumbai Banglore Gujarat Kolkata Pune Varanasi
Vijayawada Meerut Thiruvananthapuram Hyderabad Lucknow Coimbatore
Visakhapatnam Thrissur Chennai Tiruchirappalli Kochi Jamshedpur

Find our Dealers and Distributors in the countries listed below

Neelkamal Alloys LLP has established itself as one of India's leading Exporters and Suppliers of Round Bar due to its product reliability and performance. Each month, we supply/export containers of Round Bar to various customers from Indian ports.

Countries We Supply Round Bar
Saudi Arabia Qatar Nigeria Kenya Germany Kuwait
Oman United Arab Emirates (UAE) Gauteng Bahrain France United States
Italy United Kingdom (UK) Belgium Nepal Sri Lanka Taiwan
Canada Egypt Singapore Jordan South Africa Vietnam